Bluerider ART 2019 香港春季特展 2019.3.27 – 3.30

Bluerider cordially invites you to visit our Hong Kong Spring 2019 exhibition. Having received positive feedbacks from our Hong Kong Spring 2018 and Hong Kong Autumn 2018, we are honored to present you a whole new show for the third time in Hong Kong Convention Center during Basel week in Hong Kong.

Bluerider Hong Kong Spring 2019 features a high selection of master tapestry art works by Kiki Smith, Alex Katz, Guy Diehl, Squeak Carnwath, and Don and Era, unique sets of classic prints by Robert Cottingham, Richard Meier, and Murakami, new works from painting, sculptures to mixed media with a special concept by internationally based artists: Desire Obtain Cherish, Marck, Willi Siber, Caro Jost, Thierry Feuz and Christiane Grimm..etc.

From 3.27 to 3.30 we provide a prestigious and private, comfortable viewing experience. With our passionate and professional team service, we guarantee you a niche viewing experience to enjoy the beauty of art and concepts. Please come and join us!

誠摯邀請閣下蒞臨 Bluerider Hong Kong Spring 2019 ( Bluerider 2019 香港春季展售會),繼 Bluerider Hong Kong Spring 2018, Bluerider Hong Kong Autumn 2018,連續榮獲得好評後,我們將第三度於 巴塞爾藝博週,在香港會展中心內展售Bluerider ART代理歐美藝術家一系列精彩作品。

Bluerider Hong Kong Spring 2019,精選多位國際當代大師 Tapestry Art 作品,包括 Kiki Smith、Alex Katz、Guy Diehl,Squeak Carnwath,Don & Era Farnsworth..等 、美國大師 Robert Cottingham,Richard Meier,村上隆..全套經典版畫、從油畫、雕塑、多媒材,有獨特理念創新作品,包括國際注目的美國前衛藝術家 Desire Obtain Cherish ,瑞士藝術家 Marck,Thierry Feuz ,德國藝術家 Willi Siber,Caro Jost ,Christiane Grimm..等多位新作。

3.27-3.30 我們將於 Hong Kong Renaissance Harbour View Hotel, Boardroom 9 (香港萬麗海景酒店9號會議室),提供您在舒適輕鬆的空間中獨享尊榮、細細觀賞,我們團隊專業的藝術服務,讓您深度品味多元優質的藝術家理念。

- Bluerider ART


Works (Click to enlarge)

Bluerider Hong Kong Spring 2019
(A selling exhibition, free entry)
Bluerider 2019 香港春季展售會 (免費入場)

3.27 Wed. – 3.30 Sat.

3.27 (Wed.) 12pm-9pm
3.28 (Thu.) 12pm-10pm
3.29 (Fri.) 11am-9pm
3.30 (Sat.) 11am-8pm

Hong Kong Renaissance Harbour View Hotel, Boardroom 9 

1 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Featured Artists
Kiki Smith(USA)
Alex Katz(USA)
Guy Diehl(USA)
Squeak Carnwath(USA)
Don & Era Farnsworth(USA)
Robert Cottingham(USA)
Richard Meier(USA)
Takashi Murakami(Japan)
Desire Obtain Cherish(USA)
Thierry Feuz (Switerland)
Willi Siber(Germany)
Caro Jost(Germany)
Christiane Grimm(Germany)

Becky Hung
+886-2-2752-2238 ext.106

Monica Liu
+886-2-2752-2238 ext.105

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