Bluerider ART 2018 歐美當代香港春季特展 2018.3.27 – 3.31

美國當代藝術家銀針筆大師卡蘿.普魯莎2018全新創作個展「Carol Prusa – Silverpoint drawing」5月將於Bluerider ART展出。普魯莎全新個展跳脫以往球體裝置,融合銀針筆開創新平面畫風,以日月蝕為題,光明黑暗對比增加畫作的力量、層次和深度,5/19(六)3-4pm,藝術家講座將分享其逾30年藝術家生涯所面臨的抉擇。4-6pm展覽正式開幕,歡迎親臨參觀。

Silverpoint artist Carol Prusa is holding her 2018 new show “Carol Prusa- Silverpoint drawing” in May at Bluerider ART. With whole new subject inspired by the moon eclipsing the sun, Prusa’s new paintings brings out more layers and depth, expressing being caught between day and night. 5/19 (Sat.) 3-4pm, Prusa will be sharing a talk regarding the decisions to be made during her career at Bluerider ART, following the opening reception at 4-6pm. Welcome to join the show.


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