Tom Smith畢業於紐約視覺藝術學校,深感現代數位化的產物逐漸抹滅藝術創作的光環,其作品順 著數位時代中的藝術脈絡作出充滿想像的詮釋與構圖。Smith的作品看似經由機械和數位化的方式 做處理,實際上皆是親手繪製的作品。作品遠看時像是繡帷上的蔓延圖形,近看則會發現在圖案上 有著相對顏色的線條躍然而出。在這次展覽中每件作品均是由兩張壓克力顏料繪成品組合而成,當 兩者結合時,會產生如兩個視頻快速切換間被定格的視錯覺,在看似動態的畫面中,立體的視覺效 果彷彿現出不定形的臉、誇張的眼睛、睫毛與漂浮的地磚。如同百葉窗葉面的擺動可以控制光的進 出與室內的明暗,Smith的創作像是在整理其內心的想法和外界觀者的想像,而這些均反映在作品 上,使之不受定義所侷限,也因此觀者可以自由地產生連結。對Smith而言,這是一個永不停止的 實驗過程,同時也是讓我們反思自身認知、意識與潛意識的課題。

Tom Smith has pursued the possibilities art could achieve since his academic career. Concentrated on experimenting on colors and forms, Smith keeps broadening the limitation of image. His technique for making pictures has evolved into a craft system: paint, cut and collage, which mimics digital or mechanical output in order to challenge the creation of digital era. The illusion effect and message contained in Smith’s work are also inquiry into people’s conditioning for recognition, conscious and subconscious, which plays a role in connecting artist, artwork and audience.


Selected Exhibitions

2016Making StrangeSpring/Break Art Show,New York
2016Palmer Art ProjectsSydney
2015The Gruin Transfer,Gruin ArtNew York
2015MetarealismPalmer Art ProjectsSydney
2015The KnotWilliam Wright Artist Projects,Sydney
2014Heavenly BodiesROX GalleryNew York
2014Now You SeeROX GalleryNew York
2014Rio de JaneiroLargo das ArtesBrazil
2013Wish Meme, Old SchoolNew Museum’s Ideas CityNew York
2013Old School with Eyelevel BQESpring/Break Art ShowNew York
2013DelusionsROX GalleryNew York
2011The Eye in Eyelevel | a subject of multiple viewsEyelevel BQEBrooklyn
2010You Are Here,New York
2010The Collective ShowParticipant IncNew York
2009Double VisionEyelevel BQE,Brooklyn
2008 Creative AllianceBaltimore
2005Center for Art and CultureAix en ProvenceFrance
2005Fantastic FlightsGallery ImperatoBaltimore
2004DisconnectedStudent Space GalleryBaltimore
2004Burren College of Art Annual ExhibitionCounty ClareIreland


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