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畢業於德國最古老且最重要的藝術院校之一慕尼黑美術學院,是一位解構主義的色彩畫家。他以傳統木版畫(panel painting)為靈感,再以類似鑲嵌木畫技
法將其畫作的表面拆解再逐步重建。2011年獲 BMW BRILLIANCE AUTOMOTIVE ART AWARD藝術獎項,近期甫完成德國班堡Villa Concordia 駐村計畫,經常性展出於歐美各大藝術博覽會。

如同義大利藝術家Lucio Fontana切割畫布,Freiwald 將各種破壞的過程作為靈魂的救贖、再生與治療,他鋸切、切割及灼燒畫布,再以顏料、木材、塑料和金

Tim Freiwald, a master student of Thomas Scheibitz and Jerry Zeniuk, is a deconstructionist color painter. His works emerge from the intellectual ping pong-like process of action and reaction. Just as Fontana once slashed his canvases, Freiwald saws, cuts and scorches his, only to reassemble them using paint, wood, plastics and metal. “I want the paintings to be on the verge of physical collapse so that they only become stable through the painterly attraction between their elements.” The image here is a fragile pictorial structure; it seems to break into fragments, line splinters, angles and islands of color. Yet, it is held together by the playful and highly-volatile spirit that characterizes this kind of painting, as well as by the compact physique of the object-like image. Freiwald received BMW BRILLIANCE AUTOMOTIVE ART AWARD in 2011. From 2018 to 2019 he completed a one-year scholarship at the Villa Concordia, Bamberg. 

The viewer’s gaze is guided in different directions through reduced color lines, which are as appealing as they are enigmatic. Because Freiwald does not shy away from the destruction of the image surface; artistic beauty and violence are artistically juxtaposed and the chimerical horror is artistically banned, qualities that may reflect the prevailing zeitgeist. Aesthetically speaking, an anarchic Dadaist spirit lives on in Freiwald’s work.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2019 Broken Hard Drive, Conrads Gallery, D?sseldorf
2019Steven Aalders, Tim Freiwald, Marco Gastini, Walter Storms Galley, Munich
2018Chimaerica, International Artist House Villa Concordia, Bamberg Tim Freiwald, Solo Presentation, NEW POSITIONS, Art Cologne
2017Attracting Samples, Walter Storms Gallery, Munich
2015Save Your Best Friends, Big Pond Artworks Gallery, Munich
2014How to Play with Skyscrapers, Kunstvilla im KunstKulturQuartier, Nuremberg (Catalog)
2013Go Ahead Young Man, Weltraum, Munich
2010If You Can Talk About It, Why Paint It?, City Gallery, Neuburg a. d. Donau

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019Tiefe Nach Aussen II, Kunstverein Aichach
2019Farbrausch, Kleiner von Wiese Gallery, Berlin
2018Salon der Gegenwart, Hamburg
201740 Years ¡V Walter Stroms Gallery, Munich
2016Tiefe Nach Aussen, Galerie der K?nstler, BBK Munich
2016Art Cologne, Walter Storms Gallery, Cologne
2015Concrete Jungle, Walter Storms Galllery, Munich
2015The First Years of Professionality, Galerie der K?nstler, Munich
2014First Glimps, Big Pond Artworks Gallery, Munich
2014Tacker, Galerie der K?nstler, Munich Deb?tanten 2014, Academy of Fine Arts, Munich
2013Dreh and Angel, Satellit der Plattform, Munich
2013Take the Manet and Run, Exam Exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts, Munich New Munich Painting V, Stefan Vogdt Gallery, Munich
2012Underworld, F 5,6, Gallery, Munich
2011Szenenwechsel #01, Goethe-Institut, Munich
2011New Munich Painting III, Stefan Vogdt Gallery, Munich Cusanuswerk, Galerie im Volkspark, Halle
2010Find a place you trust, then try trusting it for a while, Kulturwerkstatt Haus 10, F?rstenfeldbruck
2009Grosse Schlossaustellung, Dachau
2009Bavarian Show, Modern Art Gallery, Los Angeles
2008Junge Kunst 18- 28, Klenzepark, Ingolstadt
2008Altbau oder Neuland, Neuland, Munich (Catalog) Jahresausstellung, Kunstverein Ebersberg


2018Artist in Residence International Artist House Villa Concordia, Bamberg
2018Sponsorship Programme, NEW POSITIONS, Art Cologne 2018
2016Exhibition Grant, Ritter Collection
2015Grant The First Years of Professionality, BBK M?nchen (Catalog)
2014Debut Grant ¡V Deb?tantenf?rderung, BKK Nuremberg (Solo Exhibition, Catalog)
2013Prize Examenspreis Outstanding Artistic Achievement, Academy of Fine Arts, Munich
2011Prize BMW Brilliance Automotive Art Award, Shenyang, China
2009Grant Oscar Karl Forster Scolarship
2008Prize Jung Artists 18-28, BBK Ingolstadt