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Reinoud Oudshoorn

Vanishing Point

5.11 – 6.29

開放: Daily 10am – 7pm
Bluerider 敦仁館 Dun-Ren gallery
1F, No.10, Ln 101, Sec 1, Daan Rd., Taipei


Reinoud Oudshoorn 荷蘭當代極簡藝術家,畢業於荷蘭阿爾特茲藝術大學(AKI),現 居住創作於阿姆斯特丹,執教於荷蘭皇家藝術學院。Reinoud Oudshoorn 以構築空間的極簡雕塑著稱,主張「雕塑應創造比作品本身更大的空間」,「消失點」是每件作品的 開端,盡情延伸空間表述的可能,由線延展成面,再由面砌出空間的存在。展覽經歷遍 及歐美,曾於阿姆斯特丹市立博物館(Stedelijk Museum),佛多爾美術館(Museum Fodor)展出。作品於阿姆斯特丹市立美術館(Stedelijk Musuem Amsterdam)、荷蘭 AkzoNobel Art Foundation、荷蘭銀行(ABN AMRO)、德國私人美術館(Sammlung Schroth)等永久收藏。
Reinoud Oudshoorn 學院時期作畫,直到博物館展覽後,開始關注空間的創作。使用 鐵、鋼材、毛玻璃、木質作為創作材質,並用數學的方式計算線條與視角,將他手繪的 草稿製成雕塑,這些材質的選擇取決繪畫上的特性,鐵指石墨;磨砂玻璃是深度;木質 定義紋理。他的靈感來源於自己家鄉的氛圍,地景、薄霧、海岸線的形狀,並用中性的 牆壁或是地板上作為他創作的空間。Reinoud Oudshoorn 的雕塑作品給予有形物體的 有限性或是無形物體的永恆性,整體散發出一種讓人沉思的氛圍及讓人進入到冥想的境 界,像雪花般小碎片黏著在窗邊的寧靜。他的作品削弱了現代雕塑的特質-量體感、材質、現實的美,他的計算成了再現與幻覺,企圖在雕塑及非雕塑之間走出一條自己的路, 如同他一貫的聲明「雕塑應創造比作品本身更大的空間」,雕塑不僅呈現自身的量體, 也並非只是一種空間的減法,而是創造出不斷延伸的空間,而這樣的質量,可以存在人 的心理。
對於空間的極簡化及打破造型藝術的領域,以純粹方式傳達深刻的內心思想,過去亦有許多藝術家使用這樣的表現形式創作。如抽象表現主義 Abstract Expressionism,色 域繪畫 Color-FieldPainting 的代表人物Barnett Newman,他強調繪畫的平面特質, 使純粹的色彩展現繪畫表現的極大可能。另一位代表人物 Mark Rothko,則使用純色大面積的色塊,含蓄地表現心靈的流動,使觀眾的思緒達到神性,溝通人類共通基本的情感。而荷蘭風格派運動(De Stijl)的主張,是讓作品的外型為幾何形狀,並使用邏輯、數學運算的方式來做作品,讓作品達到視覺的平衡。過去的繪畫,是為了創造空間,也為了將空間從平面繪畫中解放而產生許多的激辯,而 Oudshoorn 的作品則為世界創造另一種窗口,在白牆、在地板,他將創作定義為一種載體,觀者在接近牆面的那一刻,便會可以體驗一種圖像,而這樣的圖像讓空間感變得與眾不同,走進消失點為1.65M的無限領域。
這次於 Bluerider ART 首次個展-Vanishing Point 消失點,便圍繞著他的長期系列作品中的重要概念。西方藝術談到消失點,是自文藝復興時代,藝術家營造平面繪畫時, 使其具象化的透視手法,任何角度觀看都只有一個消失點。而 Oudshoorn 作品在一個 被劃定範圍的牆面或微型空間,假定了一個相同視角的完美消失點,其輕薄、神秘、充 滿透明感,像陷入靜謐的雲霧中。實質上,觀眾們走入了消失點中,其作品的哲學,帶 有東方繪畫的意境,傳達著人的意識及變化性。像是 D-19、E-19、E-13 等作品,表現 了潛在具象的形狀發展成暗示的窗戶、門,空間裡的模糊感勾起觀者的好奇心,深入無限的世界。K-10、G-11 則是在白牆上創造一種定格的延伸性,使觀者不自覺地檢查空間本身及現實的距離感。
緊貼在牆面、佇立在地板,Reinoud Oudshoorn 的作品在各種平面上創造了自己的小 空間,從線條、陰影到迷幻如霧的視覺停留,從有限空間中創造無限,是一種解構的雕塑。遊走在二維到三維之間,詮釋視覺幻覺與空間的關係,優雅的、虛幻的消失點,給 予觀者許多生命定格的寧靜時刻。
Reinoud Oudshoorn lives and works in Amsterdam. Oudshoorn is known for his minimal sculpture by creating a bridge between the spatial illusion of a flat surface and the concrete reality of a physical object through the language of drawing and sculpture. He has held numerous solo and group exhibitions and his works entered important international collections including
With exact mathematical calculation, Oudshoorn draws the perspective of the shape he would create, transforming the work from lines to planes, then from planes to a space according to the distance and the angles of viewing. Ousdhoorn’s sculptures are often made with iron and frosted glass, the latter a symbol of the contemplative, metaphysical and mysterious, atmospherically reminiscent of the muffled silence of mist, and tying in with the artist’s wish to transport a visual image into a space of one’s own imagination.
Oudshoorn’s inspiration for his sculptures originates from impressions of the world the artist experiences. This can be imagery drawn from nature or architectural shapes, and phenomena like the mist characteristic for his homeland. Abstracted into surfaces and structures, they are transformed into new objects that reveal contemplative and even mysterious qualities. This link between nature and infinity refers to influential artistic movements such as the simplified compositions of the De Stijl with its clear forms or to the atmospheric light of Dutch landscape painting. The play with perception and dissolution of forms relates Oudshoorn’s sculptures to works like the condensation cubes by Hans Haake from the early 60s or Anthony Gormley’s cloud chamber Blind Light.
Oudshoorn’s first solo show “Vanishing point” at Bluerider ART revolves around the concept of space and spatial illusion that he had been exploring since long. Space that becomes the concrete reality of a three-dimensional, but also spaces that lie in between the shapes and materials visible; areas that cannot be captured or confined and which remain hidden or obscured. “A sculpture must generate more space than it consumes”, stated by Oudshoorn. With limited material and surface, the artist seeks to provide viewers the experience of the totality of space through a relatively small object. He explores the gap between finitude of physical subjects and infinity of immaterial subjects, suggesting an endlessness in the space that surrounds us, an infinity of mind and sphere.

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2015The HagueGallery RamarkersThe Netherlands
2013Patrick Heide Contemporary ArtLondon, UK
2012DimensionsGallery SkapeSeoul, South Korea
2011Wetering GalleryAmsterdam, Netherlands
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1983Wetering GalleryAmsterdam, The Netherlands
1981Wetering GalleryAmsterdam, The Netherlands
1979Museum FodorAmsterdam, The Netherlands
1978Gallery WaalkensFinsterwolde, The Netherlands

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2018Group ShowBluerider ART Gallery Taipei, Taiwan
2018VOLTA NYAllouche GalleryNew York, USA
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2016Licht en transparantie, Thomas Elshuis en Reinoud OudshoornNieuw DakotaAmsterdam,
The Netherlands
2016Shall I compare thee to a summer’s dayRamakers GalleryThe Hague, Netherlands
2015Miami PulsePatrick Heide GalleryMiami, USA
2015VOLTAPatrick Heide Gallery Basel, Switzerland
2014Grindel 117 “Short-hand-made”Hamburg, Germany
2014Nanjing International Art FestivalNanjing, China
2014VOLTAPatrick Heide GalleryBasel, Switzerland
2013Miami PulsePatrick Heide Gallery Miami, USA
2013Hidden dimensionGallery SkapeSeoul, South Korea
2013The last picture showWetering Gallery Amsterdam, The Netherlands
JCA DE KOK centrum for contemporary art The Hauge, Netherlands
2013Reinoud Oudshoorn and Jérôme TouronRamakers GalleryThe Hauge, The Netherlands
2012Seoul Art FairGallery SkapeSouth Korea
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2001A Public Space 2001 Odyssey Arti et AmicitiaeAmsterdam, Netherlands
1997Nooit zag ik Awater zo nabijOude KerkjeKortenhoef, The Netherlands
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1996The Dutch ConnectionMarshall Art Gallery Memphis, USA
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1994De verzameling zomertentoonstellingStedelijk MuseumAmsterdam, The Netherlands
1994De keuze van Betty van GarrelWetering GalleryAmsterdam, The Netherlands
1993Atelier MemoireParis, France
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1993Kai,Sagaert et OusdhoornAtelier MemoireParis, France
1992le Genié de la Bastille Paris, France
1992gemeente aankopen 1991Museum FodorAmsterdam, The Netherlands
1990Bevrijdingen, hedendaagse kunst
1989Kunstlijn” BeeldenrouteZwolle-Emme, The Netherlands
1989De AMRO bank collectie een keuzeStedelijk MuseumAmsterdam, Netherlands
1988Spiel der Uberraschungen der Europaïschen Kunst des 20 JahrhundertBochholt
1986Kunst RaiWetering GalleryAmsterdam, The Netherlands
1984De KampanjeDen Helder, The Netherlands
1981Felison op Beeckestijn”, met Marlene DumasVelsen-Zuid, The Netherlands
1979Gallery van KrimpenAmsterdam, The Netherlands
1979Museum FodorAmsterdam, Netherlands
197611 SchildersStedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Netherlands
1975Markt 17Enschede, The Netherlands
1974Rijksmuseum TwenteEnschede, The Netherlands

Selected Collections

ABN AMRO Art CollectionThe Netherlands
AkzoNobel Art FoundationThe Netherlands
Eleanore De Sole Collection
Sammlung SchrothSoest, Germany
Stedelijk Museum AmsterdamAmsterdam, The Netherlands
The Chadha Art Collection