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迪肯大學主修當代藝術,現居住及創作於法國。Rachael Mccully 作品以簡練的構圖、低彩度啞色,描繪日常生活心情集錦。她享受創作過程中靈光乍現的瞬間,以獨特色彩語言描繪心情、以抽象線條代表特定事件,創作出動人賞心悅目一頁頁的篇章。作品於歐洲、澳洲等地展出豐富。獲選 LOUIS VUITTON 旗艦店展出、眾多私人收藏。曾說 ’ Everyday beauty often passes people by. It’s in the smallest of moments – we just need to stop and notice more.‘ Mccully 汲取生活中零散片刻,成為創作靈感,並以母親、藝術家、妻子等不同角度切入,’Patchwork‘ 系列紀錄家居情景、獨處寫照、夜半時分的情緒。’Household Totem‘ 系列繪製於布上作品、以拼布一般、不同形色方塊拼接、描繪家居溫度;以及用網狀格線和繽紛色彩組合而成的‘Shape’、簡單色塊創造和諧感的 ‘Mono’等系列,以表現細膩的日常觀想,成為觀者目光焦點。

2019 於 Bluerider ART ‘Daily Sentiments 凝結日常’群展,展出其最新啞色色階的拼布圖樣Patchwork、線條幾何而成的繪畫 Mono 和 Shape 等系列作品,以及色彩鮮明的立體方形雕塑延伸空間感,Mccully 藉由多元媒材的表現形式,譜出一篇篇日常的散文篇章。

Completing a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts in 2005, Rachael Mccully is a contemporary artist currently based in France. Her abstract work is typically characterized by bold shapes and muted colors palettes, with pieces often inspired by daily matters. She enjoys the creative process leaded by her intuition and produces unique paintings through selected shades and lines. Her works are held in private collections internationally and has been shown within Europe and Australia.
Mccully currently has her work on display in the Louis Vuitton flagship store, Sydney CBD.She once said, ‘Everyday beauty often passes people by. It’s in the smallest of moments – we just need to stop and notice more.’ Mccully collects fragments from daily trifles which later become her inspirations. She narrates from the roles of a mother, an artist and a wife, and creates distinct series including ‘Patchwork’ Series which shows her sentimental moments at home, while alone, during midnight; ‘Household Totem’ Series painted on linen, using collage of squares of different colors and shades, illustrates her sentimental feelings towards domestic environment; Both depicting mundane surroundings delicately, her ‘Shape’ Series featuring grids and bright colors while ‘Mono’ uses simple colors and minimal forms.

In 2019, ‘Daily Sentiments’ Group Show at Bluerider ART, Rachael Mccully is going to show her latest muted-color, cloth-like ‘Patchwork’; geometric and linear works including ‘Mono’ and ‘Shape’; and three-dimensional Cubes with bold colors which brighten up the space. Mccully creates daily prose through various media and



Solo Exhibitions

2019A cure for melancholy, Galerie 42b, FRANCE
2018-2019Louis Vuitton, AUSTRALIA


Selected Group Exhibitions

2019Bluerider Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2019Andenken Gallery, PORTUGAL
2019Melbourne comes to Sydney, Home@735 Gallery, AUSTRALIA
2019Inhabitants, Piermarq, AUSTRALIA
2018A little Chistmas tree, Valerius Gallery, LUXEMBOURG
2018Springtime, RCVA Gallery, AUSTRALIA
2018Marching through the fields, Warbling Collective, UK
2018Presence, Curatorial & Co, AUSTRALIA
2017Origins, Brunswick Street Gallery, AUSTRALIA