Michael Wall (British, b. 1992)


麥可•沃爾(英國,1992 年生)以極簡幾何圖形模糊具象的思維,運用大面積的純色連結起生活中的一景一物。受 1980 年代幾何抽象(Geometric Abstraction)藝術啟發,沃爾屏除一貫的寫實繪畫手法,將記憶最鮮明的一隅透過色彩與幾何形狀進行堆疊,同時也藉著具普同性、常見的素材觸發觀者的感知,進而在同一件作品中建起自身的連結,也因此沃爾的作品如同一面心向的鏡子,反射著觀者面對當代社會的體制、定見以及個人主義的觀點。沃爾的亞洲首展,不僅呈現平面繪畫系列,更帶來讓蘇格蘭百年紡織品牌 Begg & Co 首度跨界合作的壁毯創作《Red on pink》(Artist Edition),極簡美學結合精緻工藝,緊扣著當代社會的商業議題,更使創作增加不同的質感,而 2018 新作《Black on clear I》結合塑料的透性與輕盈,實驗性的嘗試日常材料的極簡美學表現。

麥可•沃爾畢業於英國諾里奇藝術大學(Norwich University of the Arts)插畫系,以豐富的抽象表現手法見長於歐洲潛力青年藝術家中,2015 年起獨特的風格始於國際間嶄露頭角。沃爾也因極富渲染力和空間張力的創作,獲室內設計國際權威雜誌安邸(Architectural Digest)評選為 2018 最值得關注的年輕抽象藝術家之一,目前合作對象包含 Adidas, 德國頂級工藝家電品牌 Loewe、英國知名品牌設計公司 StudioSmall、Begg & Co 等。

Michael Wall (b.1992, Norwich) is a London based artist, playfully addressing scale, form and colour – his pieces offer themselves to be ambiguous and approachable. Inspired by geometric abstraction of the 1980s, the work exists to mirror contemporary society through conformity, preconceptions and individualism. Through the themes of familiarity and hierarchy Wall’s practise explores the everyday commonalities that connect us all, most recently the relationships we hold with societies most ubiquitous materials. 

Collaborated with Adidas, Begg & Co, Loewe and Cereal Magazine, Wall’s practise has always gravitated towards perceptions and conformities, exploring individualism and how it is rooted in contemporary issues. Focusing on societies most ubiquitous elements, he is ultimately interested in the things that connect us all. Utilising the ‘familiar’ he is attempting to create a universal aesthetic, he works to challenge our relationships with society most inalienable of technologies. Turning more inwardly on the world of art, exploring hierarchies of materials, I examine consumerisms footprint on contemporary living.


Selected Group Exhibitions

2018Bluerider ART, Taipei
2018Edge Out, Los Angeles
2018Maison et Objet, Paris
2018Plastic, London
2017DF&MW, London
2017Tappan, Los Angeles
2016Loewe Raum, Berlin
2016And Ings, London
2016Tsuru+LIM, London

Selected Publication

2018Architectural Digest
2018Abstract Mag

2017Maps Magazine
2016Coeval Magazine

Selected Collaboration/Commission

Begg & Co
Cereal Magazine
Como Lisboa
A Friend of Mine


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