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風格。於2016年開啟藝術家生涯便快速引起收藏家關注,於歐美等國擁有豐富的展覽經歷,曾於丹麥Kunstbygningen I Vrå Museum、Det Ny Kastet Museum展出,作品獲眾多私人藏家收藏。
Jordy Kerwick擅長使用複合創作素材,如炭筆、油彩、蠟筆、壓克力,結合現成物的拼接,並以不同繪畫工具塗抹顏料,如油畫刀、舊筆刷,或直接將沙子潑灑至畫布上,增加畫面異質感,擁有自己一套創作的例行公事:早晨打開收音機,泡一杯黑咖啡,進入工作室、搭配音樂開始作畫。自傳式的繪畫靈感來自
於生活,音樂、文學、藝術、家庭、城市記憶。受到多位不同領域藝術家的影響與啟發,如著名小說家海明威Ernest Miller Hemingway、法國文學大師西蒙.
波娃Simone De Beauvoir等;美國抽象表現主義大師Robert Motherwell、Helen Frankenthaler、Cy Twombly;美國知名創作歌手Bob Dylan等藝文圈重要人物皆為Kerwick創作時不可或缺的靈感泉源。也正因如此,他的作品時常加入文學、音樂的元素,透過他特殊處理異材質與色彩的方式,激盪觀者的美學感知。

Jordan Kerwick is a self-taught Australian artist. Whilst Kerwick’s art practice is still relatively young, it is fast acquiring the attention of a global audience with representation in New York, Paris and London.

Kerwick has a uniquely raw and confident approach, combining a range of materials to create detailed and textured surfaces. His dense impasto brushstrokes flatten the perception of space;instead it is his thick application of paint that offers dimension and texture. He explores the relationship between thick patches of color and form while incorporating recurring elements of iconography such as contours of palm trees and anchors as a means of fusing painting and sketching. These intuitive and enticingly tactile marks celebrate artists’ role of investigating the inherent potential of his chosen media of oil paint.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2019Sweep the legs, Johnny, February 2019, Pt. 2 Gallery, Oakland, USA
2019Rocket..... Yeah, March 2019, TW Fine Art, Brisbane, Australia
2019¡§Dancing in the Dark¡¨ with Francisco Mendes Moreira,March 2019, Galerie 42B, Paris, France
2019Death to Apathy, May 2019, Boom Gallery, Geelong, Australia
2019If you could only hear this painting, June 2019, Galerie Rompone, Cologne, Germany
2019Stilleben, June 2019, Kunstbygningen i Vra Museum
2018Diary of an Introvert, Delphian Gallery, London, UK
2018Outro October, Piermarq, Sydney
2018Looking For Sunshine, Lindberg Galleries
20174th Time Around, Lindberg Galleries, Melbourne

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018Jordan Kerwick & Henrik Godsk, Galerie Wolfsen, Denmark
2018Peep, with Alexander Katz, Ober Gallery, Connecticut, USA
2018Juxtapose Club House, Pt. 2 Gallery, Miami, USA
2018Coffee for Eight, Pt. 2 Gallery, Oakland
2018Internal Voices, Galeri Wolfsen, Denmark
2018CHRISP, Helium Cowboy, Hamburg, Germany
2018The Radical Familiar, Pier Marq Gallery, Sydney, Australia
2018Angry Boys Part Two, Det Ny Kastet Museum, Denmark
2018Summer Projects V, Boom Gallery, Geelong
2017Cut the chords to the moon, with Justin Williams, Galerie L¡¦inlassable, Paris
2017Summer Show, Lindberg Galleries, Melbourne
2017Paper Cuts, Kristian Day, London
2017FreshAF, TW Fine Art, Brisbane
2017Works on Paper, Beers, London
2017We Are The Ones¡K., CSK Gallery, Copenhagen
2017Summer Cool, Anna Zorina Gallery, New York
2017Angry Boys, Galerie Rompone, Cologne
2017Micro Salon 7, Galerie L¡¦inlassable, Paris
2017Precious Memories, Auto LP, Melbourne
2016Local Group Show, Seventh Gallery, Gertrude Street, Melbourne
2016New Slang, Den-holm Studio¡¦s, Melbourne