British, b.1966

藝術家Hogan Brown(英國,1966年生)以當代油彩繪畫著稱,Brown的創作擅以細膩的筆觸繪出人物與場域微妙的關係,並以色彩牽引觀者目光的游移、故事性地組織起畫面空間,同時也讓想像住進留白之中。Brown的美學觀點深受1950、60年代英國電影獨具的紀實手法影響,其創作透過童年的記憶和想像,暈染出如夢境般亦實亦虛的畫面,並以異常的場景尺幅模糊起人物主角的直覺判定,帶出的寂靜獨寥成為激發意想的唯一聲響。復古基調亦是Brown創作上的另一特點,細膩處理每一筆觸的同時,低彩度的畫面更為觀者懸而未決的思潮覆上幾分神秘。Brown的作品如同電影的「定場鏡頭」交代故事的時空背景,讓觀者走進故事之中,卻不著墨進一步的發展,任憑心境自由延伸。
Hogan Brown (British, b.1966) was born in London. He studied Fine Art at Middlesex University. Since then he has exhibited extensively in solo and group shows throughout Europe and North and South America.Hogan’s work contains mysterious and anonymous figures in what can seem stark environments yet a covert narrative emerges from the canvas. The empty spaces in the paintings are as telling and important to the work as much as the focal figures.Brown uses traditional techniques, drawing and painting oil on canvas, to capture aspects of popular culture. Late series is drawn from cinematic influences, specifically films of the1960’s, which adds a retro character to his paintings, giving a narrative and intriguing quality to the subject he portrays.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2017Royal Tunbridge WellsFairfax GalleryUK
2017Summer showLangham Gallery, London, UK
2012Solo ShowLangham GalleryLondon, UK
2011Dark Places, Open SpacesWannabee GalleryMilan, Italy
2010Unfolding Dac GalleryLos Angeles, USA
2008Solo ShowWannabee Gallery Milan, Italy
2008Close-UpWannabee GalleryMilan, Italy
2007City's EdgeRona GalleryEastbourne, UK

Selected Group Collections

2019HueBluerider ART GalleryTaipei, Taiwan
2018Summer show Fairfax GalleryRoyal Tunbridge Wells, UK
2018Group showBluerider ART GalleryTaipei, Taiwan
2018Group showLangham GalleryLondon, UK
2017Group showFairfax GalleryRoyal Tunbridge Wells, UK
2017Willow BrookLondon, UK
2017ART TAIPEIBluerider ART GalleryTaipei, Taiwan
2017Summer showLangham GalleryLondon, UK
2015Christmas Group ShowLangham Gallery,London, UK
2015Autocatalytic Future Gamescurated by playpaint, no format galleryLondon, UK
2013Genova Art FairGenova, Italy
2013Bergamo Air FairMilan, Italy
2010Step 09Milan, Italy
2010Group ShowWannabee GalleryMilan, Italy
2009Group ShowSan Diego Art InstituteSan Diego, USA
2008Group ShowContemporary Art Projects
2007Group ShowRona GalleryLondon, UK
2007Affordable Art FairLondon, UK
2005IAFLondon, UK
2004Apart ArtLondon, UK
2004Novos BritanicosSao Paulo, Brazil
2004Affordable Art Fair London, UK
2003Affordable Art Fair London, UK
2003Fresh ArtLondon , UK
2001Fresh Art London , UK
2000Frameworks Gallery DeptfordLondon, UK


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