Brigitta Rossetti (義大利,1974年生) 為詩人及藝術家,現於義大利米蘭及美國芝加哥兩地居住及創作。大學就讀義大利帕維亞大學(Pavia University)人文學系,並於義大利國立米蘭理工大學取得多媒體傳播碩士學位。創作生涯榮獲多項國際藝術大獎,如義大利國際藝術大賽 (Italia Arte InternationalCompetition)、義大利Arte Fiera博覽會Contemporary Art Talents,並曾於義大利知名雙年展佛羅倫斯國際雙年展 (Florence VII Biennale)及費拉拉國際雙年展(La Biennale Internazionale d’Arte di Ferrara),邁阿密River Art Fair,藝術北京(Art Fair Beijing)展出。出版詩集收錄於2009年出版的 “義大利作家百科全集“ ( ‘Enciclopedia degli Autori Italiani’)。重要展覽經歷包括: 2012年義大利杜林自然科學博物館個展,2010年及2011年芝加哥Zhou B.藝術中心個展,2010年義大利冠軍博物館(Museo dei Campionissimi)聯展等。

義大利為歐洲文化思想的根源地之一,古羅馬的光榮與文藝復興的璀璨都在這塊土地上孕育而生,Brigitta Rossetti深受義大利詩歌、哲學的啟發,尤其受羅馬共和國詩人兼哲學家提圖斯•盧克萊修 (Titus Lucretius)的著作《物性論》(De Rerum Natura)影響至深。如同杜象(Marcel Duchamp,1887-1968)及沃荷(Andy Warhol, 1928-1987)大量使用”現成品”進行藝術創作,Rossetti同樣將大師的書籍、詩歌、樂譜、著作和諧地與自己的標誌主題”花卉”精彩融合,搭配由金屬鐵件所製成的特殊裝裱以及展示時呈現的燈光,企圖將二維空間的平面繪畫融入複合媒材,並且延伸至三維立體裝置,經過概念的轉換,以講究及刻意設計的擺放方式呈現出作品、空間及觀者三者微妙關係。

“I fiori e il sole”為Brigitta Rossetti在亞洲首個展,共展出四個系列作,分別是:”交響之花”(Sounding Flowers)、”自由之花”(Liber)、”想像之花”(Fiori Immaganari)及”詩韻之花”(Fiori Di-versi)。“交響之花”為長達200公分的巨型油畫及複合媒材作品,藝術家刻意將花盆似的鑄鐵雕塑置於畫作前,在鑄鐵架子上擺放義大利詩人帕里尼的長篇諷刺詩《一天》,是一幅繪畫同時也是裝置藝術品。”自由之花”使用但丁的神曲,Rossetti將書籍內頁捏塑出一隻隻蝴蝶,探討書籍所乘載的記憶以及文字的力量。”想像之花” 取自拉丁文「想像中的花卉」之意,Rossetti認為在現今的生活中,想像力的運用並不是那麼隨心所欲,畢竟所有思考空間都被嚴肅且無法逃避的理由所霸佔,但是藝術的作用便是在此:透過對於自然界的理性觀察讓所有的平靜、激情、夢想都能找到一個空間。”詩韻之花” 則描繪了花的多樣性,並以繁盛的花朵交織成複雜的情緒牽引觀者的心。透過Rossetti的作品可清楚了解她的創作路徑:在哲學思想的照看下,任憑自由思維揮灑畫布。如同莫內花園般,Brigitta Rossetti的哲學花園如詩如畫,寓意深遠,引人尋思。

Brigitta Rossetti is both a skilled poet and acclaimed visual artist who lives and creates in Milan in her native Italy as well as Chicago, U.S.A. After graduating from Pavia University with a degree in Humanities, she received her Master’s in Multimedia Publishing from Politecnico di Milano. Rossetti has since accumulated various awards throughout her artistic career, such as in the Italia Arte International Competition, and the Arte Fiera’s Contemporary Art Talent award. Her works have been exhibited at well known international art fairs, including the Florence VII Biennale, La Biennale Internazionale d’Arte di Ferrara, Miami River Fair, and Art Fair Beijing. Defining experiences for Rossetti as an artist were exhibitions at Zhou Brothers Art Center, Chicago in 2010 and 2011, and a solo exhibition at the Museum In Motion in 2013 and the Museo Regionale di Scienca Naturali, Torino in 2012. As a highly talented artist of dual disciplines, it comes as no surprise that Rossetti has also been recognized for her written works as her poetry was published Enciclopedia degli Autori Italiani in 2009. As a multimedia artist, she often combines elements and theory behind her own written verse and those of others in her visual works, conveying the diversity and complexity of inspiration behind each brush stroke.

As an Italian, Rossetti taps into to the plethora of cultural, philosophical, and literary history of her homeland, which through the Ancient Roman Empire, Latin language, and later, the birth of the Renaissance served as a launching ground for much of European civilization. This connection, both for Rossetti and for the Arts, of modernity and antiquity inspires parallels in philosophical notions to be drawn and created upon as the nature of expression has changed little over time. Rossetti has been influenced by such classic Latin works as Ovid’s Metamorphoses and especially that of Titus Lucretius’s De Rerum Natura (On the Nature of Things), a celebration and wonderment of natural order. It is not solely the realm of the Classics from where Rossetti has found her inspiration. One can see parallels in her work to such modern artists as Marcel Duchamp and Andy Warhol as both used “ready-made articles” in their creations. Similarly, Rossetti uses pieces of books, poems, and music scores throughout her works creating not only a multimedia vehicle to relay what she has to say, but bringing multi-dimentionality, and more importantly, making a solid, worldly connection with the audience.

Bluerider ART is proud to bring Brigitta Rossetti’s prodigious talent to Taiwan in the form “I fiori e il sole”, a solo exhibition comprised of four series, “Sounding Flowers”, “Liber”, “Fiori Immaganari” and “Fiori Di-versi”.

”Sounding Flower” is a an excellent example of the ways Rossetti utilizes elements of sculpture, painting, and ready-made articles to create an installation that invites one into a scene where music, word, paint, and structure combine in an installation where the viewer is at once audience and also conductor. In “Liber”, Rossetti uses torn and rumpled pages from Dante’s Divine Comedy, reshaping them as butterfly forms and affixing them to book stands. Every detail, from the carefully selected verses to butterfly wings interspersed among the words, reflects back to the series title, “Liber” (Free) and is certainly an ode to freedom. In “Fiori Immaganari” we see that imaginary flowers with imaginative names rise vertically before pages of floating text and ethereal backdrop, unhindered by the weight of reality. “Fiori Di-versi” celebrates the diversity of flowers as the diversity of life summed up beautifully in the artist’s own description of a recurrent dream as, ”Where my flowers become swords and lilies, two diverse objects, yet both heralding peace”.

Few modern artists so superbly combine literary elements and visual display into one seamless message backed by deep philosophical roots as Rossetti has. Two genres collide, bringing together centuries past and a future of possibility in one creative outpouring. There is no future without history and it’s difficult to imagine a future without more masterful works to come from Brigitta Rossetti.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2018 Fantastic 4Bluerider Art GalleryTaipei,Taiwan a cura di Elsa Wang - Cat
2017 Esposizione personaleChung Yo GalleryTaichung, Taiwan
2016I fiori e il sognoBluerider ARTTaipei
2015Effetti personaliBipielle ArteLodi, Italy
2014La possibilità di un'isolaTenuta ColombaraLivorno Ferraris, Italy
2014I Fiori e il SoleBluerider ARTTaipei
2013Fiori di-versiBucolicaMilano
2013Children s GardenUbi TerrarumPiacenza, Italy
2013To make a prairieGalleria Biffi ArtePiacenza, Italy
2012La flor que jo esperabaDulgar GallerySouth Holland, Chicago, settembre
2012Passi VerdiMuseo Regionale di scienze NaturaliTorino, Italy
2012La flor que jo esperaba33 Contemporary Art GalleryChicago
2011Lost spring e Sogni di PietraEsercizio di natura mortaMilano
2010Il Respiro Della NaturaAir BankPiacenza, Italy
2009The HunterPalazzo delle IstituzioniPiacenza, Italy
2008Stelle Senza LatoCentro Arte Moderna di Pisa a cura di Massimiliano Sbrana
2008Stelle Senza LatoGalerie im AlcatrazAustria
2007Comunicazione Evolutiva dell'InconscioMuseo Flavio RomaGenova, Italy


Selected Group Exhibitions

2020Lost Spring VIArte Laguna Prize 19. 20Venice, Italy


Selected Collections

2019Hi five Bluerider ART GalleryTaipei, Taiwan
2019Mostra per i finalistiRospigliosi Art PrizeZagarolo, Roma
2018Fantastic 4Bluerider ART GalleryTaipei, Taiwan
2018Premio internazionale Pop revolution Italian FactoryFabbrica del Vapore a cura di Philippe DaverioPremio Arte Pop Revolution
2018Biennale del TirrenoCava dei Tirreni, Salernoa curo di Federico Caloi, con segnalazione dalla critica
2018Esposizione per i finalisti, Rospigliosi Art PrizeZagarolo Romadirezione artistica Galleria Vittoria
2017Salone del mobile Spazio Salvioni a cura di Barbara PaciMilano
2017Der Blaure Reiter, Pop up showBluerider ART GalleryTaipei
2016 SelectbrationBluerider ART GalleryTaipei, Taiwan
2015Cheongjou International Craft Biennal
2015Grazie ItaliaNational Pavilions Guatemala and GrenadVenezia, Italy
2014Femminile, pluraleGalleria Biffi ArtePiacenza, Italy
2014Porto FrancoVilla CastelnuovoPalermo, Iyaly
2014Hortus ConclususMuseo Miit, Torino
2014 Satura Art ContestPalazzo StellaGenova, Italy
2014Monochrome33 Contemporary Art GalleryChicago
2013Arte a teatroGalleria Wiki ArteMilano
2013Art, energy, futureNational LaboratoryArgonne, USA
2013Cultural Symbiosis33 Contemporary Art GalleryChicago
2012Italians do it better(?)Latino Art MuseumPomona, USA
2012La Via Italiana all'informalePalazzo ZenobioVenezia
2012 Bologna Off Art fairGalleria Wiki ArteBologna
2011CurrentMain GalleryChicago
2011Il segno e la materiaMostra Premio Galleria ZamenhofMilano
2010Ars CreandiMuseo CrocettiRoma
2010In-VisibleBorgo di Vigoleno, Fondazione D'ArsPiacenza, Italy
2009Mostra-premio Internazionale Italia ArteVilla GualinoTorino
2009Save the ChildrenConservatorio di MilanoMilano
2009The FlagNY Arts Beijing GallerySignorini
2008Renaissancegalleria The New Ars ItalicaMilano
2008Grafica d'autoreCentro Arte Moderna di PisaPisa